Hazel Courteney500 of the Most Important Ways to Stay Younger Longer – the Ultimate A-Z Guide to Anti-Ageing (Cico Books. £10.99)

Covering more than 100 conditions related to ageing, this easy to read reference book has become a ‘must’ for anyone who wants to slow their process of ageing. Written in a clear A-Z format, covering topics from Absorption and Alzheimers, Depression, the Brain in Ageing, Hormones and Sex in ageing – to Liver function, Cancer and Chelation, to Parkinson’s, Stress and Strokes – this highly authoritative book remains a hot seller. To order from all good bookshops or call 0207 323 2382 or log onto Amazon

Robin Morgan, formally Editor of the Sunday Times Magazine says ‘Forget the fads and fashions – the key to living a younger life for longer is knowledge and nobody knows better than Hazel Courteney’.

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