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About me

In 1994 I became the UK’s first Alternative Health Agony Aunt in the national press, with my column What’s The Alternative in the Daily Mail. In 1997 I moved to the Style Section of the Sunday Times and was thrilled to be voted Health Journalist of the Year. 

In 1998 I left the Sunday Times to concentrate on writing more books and you can find details of all my health and spiritual books in the MY BOOKS section of this site.
In 2000 I made my own TV show for Channel Health, and have appeared many times on TV and radio, and regularly lecture around the UK and overseas.
To date I have written 7 books – details of the current ones are under the Books section of this site.

Hazel Courteney Books

After a lifetime of illness – during my thirties I decided that if I was ever going to become and stay well, I needed to take charge of my health. And today I know that 85% of chronic degenerative diseases and a host of common medical conditions could be avoided or cured if we could be more willing to make a few changes to our diet and lifestyle.

If you are ready to add many more years to your life, to feel happier and more fulfilled than you have in a long time and to truly take charge of YOUR health – then read on…

Hazel Courteney