Acne Help Sheet

Many teenagers experience acne due to the massive increase in hormone production, which tends to trigger an overproduction of sebum that causes blockages in the skin’s sebaceous glands. In adults acne often results from internal toxicity, which can be caused by many factors. A junk based diet, constipation, candida – a yeast fungal overgrowth and food intolerances can all trigger this problem. Also pre-menstrual women can experience acne.

The key factor in controlling and preventing acne is to look after your liver and ensure that toxins can be eliminated. Once the system becomes overloaded it begins dumping toxins into the skin – hence why constipation and poor skin often go hand in hand.

Foods to Avoid:

Avoid sugar and alcohol in any form as much as possible. Most mass-produced pre-packed meals, plus refined cakes, biscuits, pies etc are high in sugar, salt and saturated fats, which place a great strain on the liver. Avoid full fat cheeses and dairy produce, fried foods and greasy burger type foods and sauce rich Indian take aways.

Friendly Food:

Eat more beetroot, artichoke, dandelion (picked from a field well away from traffic fumes and thoroughly washed) which help to cleanse the liver. Chickpeas, soya, black-eyed, haricot and cannellini beans, plus pulses help the body to excrete excess hormones. Japanese and Thai foods are rich in tofu and tempeh, which regulate hormone levels. Include more fresh vegetables and fruits such as figs in your diet- this is especially true of teenagers who tend to eat a very poor diet. We can all do this for a certain time – but symptoms will arise once the body becomes very toxic. Drink at least 6 glasses of water daily and try herbal teas instead of drinking coffee all day. Add a tablespoon of cracked linseeds (Linusit Gold) and sunflower seeds to any high fibre, low sugar breakfast cereals. Snack on unsulphured dried apricots, dates, plus raw, unsalted nuts and seeds. Raw wheat germ and avocadoes are rich in vitamin E which feeds the skin.

Useful Remedies:

Zinc has been shown to be as successful as taking certain antibiotics for this condition – take 30mg of zinc up to 3 times daily until the condition improves. For every 15mg of zinc, you will need 1mg of copper to maintain a healthy balance within the body. Take a good quality B complex plus a multi vitamin-mineral daily. Herbal tinctures containing dandelion and burdock help to cleanse the liver – take 10 drops up to 8 times daily. Vitamin A is essential for healthy skin- if you are not pregnant or planning a pregnancy take up to 30,000iu daily for up to two months. Natural source vitamin E 200-400iu daily reduces the tendency to scarring and helps maintain healthy skin.

Helpful Hints:

  • Rosa Mosqueta, a Latin American plant-based oil, has been used topically to heal acne scars. Call the NutriCentre on 0207 436 5122 for details.
  • Purifying body bath by Blackmores contains tea tree oil and St John’s Wort which are both anti bacterial especially if you have the acne on your back or chest.
  • Tea Tree Oil is highly antiseptic – add a few drops to bath water or use Tea Cream cream, soap or lotion on the affected areas.
  • Kali Brom 6x is a homeopathic remedy that helps if the acne is only on the face.
  • Exercise encourages free flow of sebum and detoxification of the body through sweating.
  • Many readers have benefited from taking aloe Vera juice internally and by using the gel externally.


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