Arthritis and Joint Pain

Q. Having moved to the South of France a year ago, I expected to be incredibly healthy here, but have developed severe arthritis or rheumatism in my back and hips. I am told it is due to the humidity in this area and we also have streams flowing under the house. Any suggestions on reducing the pain and humidity would be greatly appreciated.
Mrs N. Jones. Villenenne Les Magnelone. France.

A. As well as the humidity, electro magnetic fields may be a key factor in your condition. Numerous trials in Europe have found that people living above underground streams often become ill due to the electro magnetic field being emitted by the subterranean water. I suggest you find a good local dowser who can check any emissions from the stream and can offer useful advice on how to solve the problem. Meanwhile to counteract the humidity buy a couple of de-humidifiers, to reduce the amount of damp air in your home.

Make sure your diet is high in alkaline forming foods such as kale, cabbage, broccoli, millet plus all vegetables and fruits- which alkalize the body and reduce joint pain – but avoid oranges, prunes, rhubarb and plums.

A quick way to re-alkalize the body is to take 1 heaped teaspoon of Green Powder – such as Dr Gillian McKeith’s Living Food Energy – every day.  To order call 0207 436 5122 or available from all health shops. Cherries have anti inflammatory properties, so include these in your diet. Coffee, alcohol, ‘white foods’ (such as white bread, rice and pasta), animal protein and dairy produce are all acid forming in the body and should be kept to a minimum. Include oily fish, extra virgin olive oil, cracked organic linseeds (Linusit Gold), sunflower seeds and walnuts, and their unrefined oils in your diet, which are rich in essential fats which help to lubricate the joints.

To support your bones take a multi-mineral formula containing calcium, magnesium, boron, vitamin B and D, plus Hcl – stomach acid – to aid absorption. For details of Osteo Formula call 01275 846664.

To reduce the pain and inflammation try Boswellic Complex capsules, containing the herb boswellia, plus turmeric and ginger which are anti inflammatory. You can also apply boswellia cream topically to help ease the pain. For details call 0207 436 5122.

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