How to reduce the stress at Christmas.

Hazel Courteney Hi there, welcome to my Christmas message to you all.

In this video blog I talk about great ways to combat stress over the Christmas period and also my two favourite books right now.

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.





The power of your mind


Hazel CourteneyHi Everyone,
Hope you are all enjoying the summer sunshine, but if like many people you are feeling somewhat upset by the huge amounts of negative news on the media, then please watch this DVD to more fully understand how you can use the power of your mind to create a better world for yourself and others.

It’s a fascinating subject. Let me know what you think of my VT blogs
Meanwhile keep well and travel safely.

Exposing Your Skin To Natural Sunshine


Hazel CourteneyHi Everyone. This blog was filmed on the Caribbean Island of Barbados. Find out why exposing your skin to natural sunshine can help lower blood pressure and why simply taking vitamin D3 does not have this same affect.  Also how Omega 3 Fish Oils plus full spectrum Vitamin E can help protect your skin from the drying effects of excessive sun exposure.


The truth behind statins and LDL


Hi Everyone,  Hope you are taking time out to enjoy the Spring Flowers especially the bluebells which carry such a magical energy. Anyway, this blog is REALLY IMPORTANT, as I’m talking about the growing evidence that clearly shows that Statins are not necessary in most cases. If you know anyone who is taking Statins – PLEASE share this blog with them as it could save their lives.  Turns out that it’s refined carbohydrates and sugars that raise cholesterol – and that eating the right fats is good for us. And if you click here – you can read why I believe that Gluten should now be classed as a poison, and find my full report on fats and statins.

Link to the Daily Telegraph article

All the best. Hazel Courteney

Why Veggie is healthier – The China Study


Hazel_CourteneyHi Everyone, Hazel here reporting from  the mountains of Franschhoek north of Cape Town in South Africa. I hope you will forgive my amateur filming, as I am somewhat ‘blacked out’, but there is a beautiful view of the mountains and you can hear me, so it’s OK !!! I am chatting about the amazing book The China Study by Doctor and scientist Dr Colin Campbell who spent over 2 decades studying the eating habits of people from all walks  of life in over 65 countries and has definitively shown that the people who tend to develop the most illnesses in later life are those that eat the most animal protein.

It’s no wonder that every enlightened person I have ever met is a vegan and many Hollywood Stars and ordinary people are now waking up to the benefits of eliminating most animal based foods. Since reading this book I am eating lots more plant based mung, soy, black eyed beans etc plus extra vegetables. I’m not yet Vegan, but I’m heading that way.. Dr Campbell also,  like many other doctors warns of the dangers of eating Gluten…. I’ll be covering Gluten in my April/May Newsletter.  And if you buy a copy of the March/April Kindred Spirit Magazine, I have written a feature on the Enlightened Avatar Swami Vishwananda on the Science of Miracles and how He was BORN KNOWING.

Kindred Spirit - Hazel Courteney

Enjoy the VT, be back soon.

Hazel Courteney

Correcting Media Misinformation on Taking Vitamins and More


Hazel CourteneyHi Everyone.  My latest blog deals with some shocking misinformation that recently appeared in the mainstream press about the ‘dangers’ of taking various supplements. I have done my best to set the record straight.

I am also talking about why thin people (as well as Obese ones) can contract Late Onset Diabetes, which now affects over 3 million people in the UK alone and an estimated 850,000 who have the condition, but don’t yet know it .

This is a ticking time bomb which can be helped by eating more right foods and changing our lifestyle. Click here to go straight to my Jan – March 2014 Living Better News which also explains why ingesting too many Omega 6 fats can trigger inflammation, why LDL cholesterol is not the ‘bad guy’ that it’s long been proclaimed to be… and discover why Mung Beans are a fantastic superfood.

 For more health tips please visit my A-Z Health tips page by clicking here


Coping with the stresses of Christmas



Find out why your reaction and attitude to stressful situations  can make the difference between you remaining healthy- or not !  Hazel shares a host of helpful tips on how to reduce your stress levels over the Xmas season.

For more help on STRESS Click Here to go to Hazel’s  Self Help Sheet

How To Boost Your Immune System


How To Boost Your Immune System This week Hazel  explains why Vitamin D3 is so crucial to the health of our Immune Systems.
Vitamin D3 is needed to enable us to absorb calcium from our diet – but low levels of this
vitamin are now linked to more than 27 degenerative conditions. Low levels are associated
with an increased risk of heart disease, neurological conditions, cancers
(especially breast and prostate cancers), autoimmune illnesses and Type 11 Diabetes.
A deficiency of D3 can more than double your risk for developing Type 11 Diabetes….

Watch here to learn more

For more health tips please visit my A-Z Health tips page by clicking here

At Parliament with Patrick Holford and Chris Whitehouse


Hazel_Courtney_Patrick_HolfordIf you are interested in retaining your right to buy higher dose vitamins such as a One Gram dose of vitamin C… PLEASE watch this blog filmed at a reception at the House of Commons in late October at a meeting for Consumers for Health Choice. I apologise for the background noise in the film, but we only had a few minutes to do the interviews before the speeches from various MP’s and ministers were due to begin.  The first part of this VT contains  an interview with my old friend Patrick Holford, one of the UK’s leading nutritionists talking about how taking the right B vitamins (in the right doses) can HUGELY help reduce your chances of developing Dementia in later life.
Patrick’s website is

In Part 2, I’m chatting with  Chris Whitehouse from CHC who explains how VITAL it is to our health to retain our right to have access to higher dose nutrients which the EU are keen to ban. For more information log onto; for many ways in which you can help with this important fight. Please support CHC if you can.