Coconut butter/oil is healthier than most people imagine ! It is rich in medium chain fatty acids which are assimilated quickly by the body; providing a great source of energy and fatty acids which give a feeling of fullness thus reducing food cravings. Coconut butter is also high in Lauric acid – found in breast milk- which helps boost immunity. It does not go rancid like mass produced oils and margarines when heated but only use raw / organic / unprocessed coconut butter.

‘Kara’ in the UK produce a great tasting coconut milk which is marvellous for people like me who cannot tolerate animal dairy products or soya milk. It’s high in calcium and Lauric Acid (which boosts immune function), but low in cholesterol. Great in Tea, Coffee , for cereals and baking.

If you would like to watch a brief video on the health benefits of coconut butter/ oil click here.