Hazel Courteney

The most controversial true story of a spirit “walk in” and spiritual enlightenment you will ever read.

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Back in 1998, I was an award winning alternative health columnist with the London Sunday Times. Yet following an incident in the famous London store Harrods in April that year, my life was transformed virtually beyond recognition – I underwent an incredible near-death experience witnessed by a medical doctor. Virtually overnight I became intensely psychic, telepathic, began giving powerful healing whilst also affecting electrical equipment. Most astonishingly and to my utter incredulity I also began ‘hearing’ from the spirit of Princess Diana whom I had met on several occasions.

As a science-based journalist, I was acutely aware of the scepticism of those who read of my experiences. Years later, in an attempt to corroborate that I had truly heard from Diana, I contacted Professor Gary Schwartz at the University of Arizona in the hope he would allow me to take part in his Afterlife Experiments. Although initially highly sceptical, Schwartz eventually tested me with ‘jaw dropping’ results which he relates in the Foreword to this book.

When Divine Intervention was  first published in 99, it caused considerable controversy, yet I have  always emphasized that my experiences went way beyond only hearing from the spirit of Princess Diana.

From interviewing numerous cutting edge scientists I now know that I underwent an intense Spiritual Emergency, a term coined by psychiatrist Professor Stanislav Grof who has spent over 50 years studying altered states, to describe when a spiritual transformation becomes a physical crisis. And mine sure became a crisis. Divine Intervention tells this amazing true  story.

Professor Gary Schwartz says of ‘Divine Intervention ‘This book has the potential to help us all to discover more about our true spiritual nature and, as a scientist, I believe this book should be taken seriously. If you are reading it as a total skeptic it is a riveting read…’

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The Daily Express says ‘A gripping read …as a page turner Divine Intervention takes some beating’.