Hazel Courteney

Amazing insights into Life after death, Re-incarnation, The science of enlightenment, Spiritual emergency, Spontaneous healing, Masters of the self And how miracles are madeProfessor Gary Schwartz says of this book ‘Once you have read this enthralling book, you will never be the same again.’
Re-published April 2011 with a new foreword by Professor Gary Schwartz in USA and UK available to order via amazonThis is the sequel to Divine Intervention which is in all good UK and US bookshops. You will discover fascinating evidence as to how the so called ‘miracles’ associated with spiritual awakening and enlightenment are possible. After witnessing several ‘miracles’ in India, I travelled on to Tuscon in Arizona to take part in Professor Gary Schwartz’s landmark Afterlife Experiments, during which I received verification that consciousness survives physical death. Though sceptical upon my arrival – Gary Schwartz a professor of psychiatry based at the University of Arizona – has gone on record to say that from his perspective as a scientist what happened in Arizona was ‘jaw dropping.’

To more fully understand the concept of Spiritual Emergency – when spiritual awakening becomes a crisis – I spoke to Stan Grof, a Professor of Psychiatry, based in San Francisco who has spent 50 years researching this growing phenomena, and I also share the stories of others who have come through their own unique crisis. As the journey gathered pace, I also found scientists who were able to explain what sets enlightened beings apart from the rest of us, and even met an enlightened being who spent twenty years learning from Masters of Light in the Himalayas.

Whether you are interested in life after death, medium-ship, enlightenment, gurus, past lives, spiritual emergency, miracles , how intention creates our reality or psychic communication – in this groundbreaking story – I offer authoritative evidence for the Sixth Sense and beyond – all in a language that anyone can understand. If you would like to order a signed copy then please call the Nutri Centre order line on  0207 323 2382. Published by Cico Books.

Dr Harry Oldfield. BioPhysicist says ‘ This Book gives great insights into past and present mysteries that integrate and connect us all. This is a riveting read not only for researchers like myself but also for anyone who has ever asked the question ‘Why and how am I here?

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