Green Tea

Could save your life. It has been used for more 5000 years as a medicine. Most of you will already be drinking green tea I’m sure. Green tea, especially organic green tea is packed with antioxidants.  It is so high in antioxidants that it reduces cancer – especially protective against stomach and breast cancers.

Also less then 3% of the population in Japan are obese – here it is more than 58%.  Their secret is green tea which helps to burn more calories – reduces really hard to shift ‘brown’ fat in the body, especially abdominal fat that is linked to blood sugar problems – usually caused by too much sugar and white foods.

Bigger hips are healthier than a big tummy. Green tea helps to balance blood sugar levels and insulin release and therefore can help reduce cravings for junk foods.  But most importantly green tea contains an amino acid called L Theanine.  All the research has shown that a regular intake of L Theanine helps you to feel calm – whilst increasing focus. This is a very important amino acid.  It reduces the release of stress hormones whilst increasing natural dopamine production and deeper more restful sleep.  It may also be a useful supplement for any child with Attention Deficit Disorder.  Green tea increases alpha-wave production in the brain – the same brain waves we produce when relaxed.

But please be aware that most green teas contain caffeine and too much caffeine can deplete minerals such as calcium and magnesium from the body, therefore either drink around two cups of ordinary organic green tea daily, or buy a decaffeinated variety.