Hayfever Help Sheet

Hayfever can range from being mildly irritating – to fairly debilitating depending on the severity of symptoms. It is caused by an allergic reaction to pollen produced by grasses and trees that mainly flower in the spring and summer. Symptoms vary from sore, puffy, itchy, watering eyes, to continual sneezing and a runny or congested nose.

Hay fever is sometimes confused with a condition called allergic rhinitis, as the symptoms are similar to hay fever but occur all year round. Common causes of allergic rhinitis include dust, food allergies and pollution. Many people with hay fever and allergic rhinitis almost always have a sensitivity to certain foods, the most common being wheat and dairy, but some sufferers have problems with anything from eggs to bananas. Therefore it is important to discover which foods or otherwise are contributing to the problem. One of the more reliable home tests I have found is from York Laboratories- for details call 0800 074 6185 or log onto www.yorktest.com

Also people who have chronic poor digestion, are very stressed or suffer candida, often have a leaky gut – where undigested food molecules pass through the ‘leaky’ gut wall and into the bloodstream, which can provoke an immune response. To help repair the gut you would need to avoid all foods to which you have a sensitivity and take 500mg of L Glutamine twice daily before meals to help deal the gut ( see below)

Foods to Avoid:
Any foods to which you have an intolerance, these are usually wheat, dairy products from cow’s, eggs and citrus fruits- especially oranges. Dairy foods are mucus forming which without doubt can exacerbate the problem. While symptoms are acute avoid milk in any form for at least one week, plus cheeses, chocolate, foods high in saturated fats such as croissants, Danish pastries, meat pies, white flour based cakes and biscuits. Many foods high in sugar such as puddings, sweets etc are also high in dairy and fats. Too much sugar will greatly lower immune function . Reduce salt, additives, caffeine and alcohol.

Friendly Foods:
Garlic and onions are high in the flavonoid quercetin which can help reduce the severity of allergic reactions. Nettle tea helps to ease the symptoms of allergic rhinitis.

Dairy free alternatives to cow’s milk are rice, oat and pea milk. Have a freshly squeezed vegetable juice in the morning, especially beetroot, artichoke, a little garlic, ginger, apple and carrot which boosts the immune system and helps eliminate support liver function.

Bioflavoinoids are important protectors of mucous membranes, therefore unless you have an intolerance to these foods, eat plenty of blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, kiwi fruit and include plenty of fresh vegetables, brown rice and whole grains in your diet.

Useful Remedies:
Quercetin 400mg 3 times a day, is a natural anti histamine which help reduce the puffy eyes and reduces irritation in the nose. While symptoms are acute take up to 2-3 grams of vitamin C daily in an ascorbate form with food which acts like a mild anti histamine.

Nettle tablets or tincture 3 times a day has proven to be effective for allergic rhinitis . Garlic, ginger and horseradish tincture as all of these herbs can ease congestion and reduce the symptoms of hay fever, take 1ml – 2ml as needed – For details call 0207 436 5122

Oralmat is an extract of the Rye plant which has proven in medical trials to be hugely successful in reducing allergies of all kinds. It supports healthy respiratory function by strengthening defences against allergens. Dr. Princetta, a specialist in the treatment of allergies in Atlanta, Georgia, reports: “The South-eastern United States, and Atlanta, Georgia, in particular, is a well-known allergy area of the world. Even some of my worst allergy patients responded very well to the drops and suffered a minimum of 50 percent less this past spring. Take 3 drops under the tongue (hold 30 seconds or longer) 3 times daily. Children can use one drop .For details call 0207 436 5122

Histazyme contains calcium, vitamin C, the amino acid lysine, zinc, vitamin B6, silica, bromelain, vitamin A and manganese which all help if you suffer seasonal disorders. Take one capsule twice daily. This formula not to be taken if you are pregnant. Made by Bio Care a/v at good health shops. If nothing else – take a high strength multi vitamin and mineral that contains plenty of the B group vitamins, at least 200iu of vitamin E, 5000 iu of vitamin A and 500mg of C . For details of Kudos 24 call Freephone 0800 3895476.

Helpful Hints:
If you can, buy a pot of honey from your local area, preferably with the honeycomb still in it and take a dessertspoon daily for about a month before the onset of the hay fever season. The tiny amounts of pollen in the honey can protect you from developing full-blown hay fever later on.

Alka Life is a green herbal food supplement rich in bee pollen , sprinkle daily over breakfast cereal for at least one month prior to the hay fever season to help reduce the severity or onset of an attack. Available from all good health stores or call Best Care Products on 01342 410303. Fax 01342 410909. e mail:info@bestcare-uk.com


Homeopathy has been successful in treating hay fever with remedies like allium cepa, euphrasia and arundo. Ask for details at your local homeopathic pharmacy or to find a qualified practitioner in your area. Place a few drops of essential oil of Basil and Melissa on a handkerchief to help clear the sinuses. Massage these oils into the chest and throat once mixed with a base carrier oil such as almond or jojoba.

A company specialising in indoor air quality equipment is the Air Improvement Centre Ltd. They can be contacted at 23 Denbigh Street, Victoria, London, SW1V 2HF. Tel: 020 7834 2834. Fax: 020 7630 8485. Website: www.air-improvement.co.uk  It is always a good idea to check for food allergies when you suffer severe hay fever and many foods ‘cross-react’ with pollen. Details of the York test are above. Wear Sunglasses when you are outside. On days when the pollen count is high, stay indoors with the windows closed as much as possible.