Healthy Breakfast Food Recipe

Hazel CourteneyHealthy Breakfast Food Recipe


Hi Everyone,  This week I’m in my kitchen making my absolutely DELICIOUSLY HEALTHY  alkalising breakfast whiz which I drink every day when I’m at home in the UK. You will find out why eating a more Alkaline diet can be crucial to your wellbeing.  IF after watching my Blog you would like more information, then go into the A-Z of Health Section on this site and have a read of my Acid /Alkaline Section. Also, for anyone wanting more information on CHIA and PUMPKIN SEEDS, if you subscribe to my free Living Better Newsletter via this site, the summer version (on line till end of Sept) contains more information on these ‘superfoods.’

Last but not least, keep in mind that too much STRESS causes the body to become more acid, whereas remaining calm, and taking regular DEEP BREATHS help to re-alkalise your system !  Enjoy the whiz if you decide to try it.    All the best. Hazel Courteney


Part 1

Part 2