201008121515positiveIT’S TIME TO  THINK & ACT  POSITIVELY

Historian A N Wilson reminded us in a recent feature to start counting our blessings more, be it a roof over our heads, food or good health. We may be entering a recession, but we have faced them before and come through. Many people feel helpless in the wave of negative news, but each of us can help change the future by thinking and acting more positively.

After 20 years of thought experiments, scientists in the US have verified that a sustained, focused intention causes a physical effect. They have found that the more people practise this, the faster the effect happens.

This might sound outrageous, but these experiments carried out by renowned physicists, including Prof William Tiller who spent 40 years at Stanford University, have been verified by independent scientific centres.

They demonstrate that if you think positively for several  weeks or months and believe with your whole heart and mind that your intention is coming into being, it can happen.

For years, people such as Uri Geller and Noel Edmonds have been derided for telling us to be more positive and focus on what we need in our lives, but they were right.

We all have around 40,000 thoughts daily and whatever you think about most is what you will eventually draw into your life.

Right now, most people are thinking about losing money and so that’s what we’re seeing more of.  Each of us has the potential to help slow or reverse this process.  So come on, everyone, start thinking and acting positively.

Hazel Courteney