Liver – how to cleanse the liver and have more energy.

Q. Hazel, thanks for this great web site, and I see in your Diary that you talk about the importance of keeping the liver clean and you have given quite a few tips. But, after recent tests, my doctor says my liver is rather toxic- as I also have chemical sensitivities, allergies and fatigue. I don’t feel I could manage a fast or any of the more radical liver cleanses, but any dietary help plus supplements you recommend would be greatly appreciated. Mrs V. Oakley.

A. One of the best ways to give your liver a bit of a ‘holiday’ is to simply eat less. I know it’s really hard, but for about 7 days, try eating just fruit, vegetables (cooked any way you like or raw- but NOT fried), brown rice plus a little fish. This gives your liver a break from constantly having to break down fats, alcohol, caffeine and so on. During this time only herbal teas, water and fresh vegetable juices should be drunk- especially fresh juices made with artichokes, watercress, raw beetroot, alfalfa sprouts, apples, celeriac and broccoli. Add more fresh coriander to cooked meals and salads – as this herb helps to detoxify any heavy metals in the liver .

To further reduce your intake of toxins try as much as possible to eat only organic foods which contain less pesticides and herbicides which place a great burden on the liver. When you are trying to detoxify the liver avoid eating grapefruits or the juice – as this fruit contains narningenin, a compound that slows liver detoxification. You do not say if you are on HRT – but if you are, this also adds to the liver’s workload – so have a word with your doctor and see if you can come off the HRT for a while.

To find out which foods you need to avoid contact York Laboratories – they will send you a test kit that is easy to use – and then they give you a comprehensive list of any problem foods and chemicals. Obviously avoid all ‘air fresheners’ – many of which are packed with chemicals, as much as possible stay away from smoke in any form, heavy traffic, chemical based household cleaning products, hair dyes, and tap water. Begin using pure Reverse Osmosis Water- for details call Pure H2O on 01784 221188. Once the liver is cleansed then you may find that some of your food intolerances and chemical sensitivities could disappear or become less acute. Meanwhile the most powerful antioxidant and detoxifying compound in the liver is called glutathione.

As we age ( and ingest too many toxins) levels fall- but by taking 100mg of Lipoic acid and 500 mg of N Acetyl cysteine daily – glutathione production will be naturally increased. Another important nutrient for the liver is sulphur – you can find this in MSM supplements. For details call Higher Nature on 01435 884668 Keep in mind that anger and stress also affect the liver- so practise some regular form of exercise, meditation etc and keep calm. For more help read Tired or Toxic by Sherry Rodgers . To order call 0207 323 2382. Hope this helps.