HOW SCIENCE IS VALIDATING OUR SIXTH SENSE AND HOW MEDITATION HAS CHANGED ENTREPRENEUR CANDICE BOURRET’S LIFE FOR THE BETTER . By Hazel Courteney.© Exclusive Feature (No part of this feature may be reproduced without the express permission of Hazel Courteney.)

In 1998, health writer Hazel Courteney went through a near death experience with a medical doctor present – after which considerable amounts of inexplicable phenomena happened around her. To find rational explanations for such events, Courteney has spent the past ten years meeting cutting edge scientists who explained that we are all capable of far more than we realise. Her findings documented in her latest spiritual/science book ‘Countdown to Coherence’, throw an interesting light on how to develop our sixth sense and how this can affect our lives for the better…..

Are you someone who dismisses anything to do with the so called ‘Supernatural’ as bunkum ? If so, even the sceptics will be surprised to learn that there are plausible explanations and emerging science to validate practices such as spiritual healing and telepathy, plus spontaneous remissions, re-incarnation, life after death and even how a focused intention can affect physical matter – as Uri Geller does when he bends metal objects.

Even more interesting is evidence that the sixth sense, what most people term their ‘intuition’ or gut instinct is very real and that if we could all learn to access this ability – we could potentially live much healthier, happier lives.

Professor Frederick Travis, head of the Centre for Brain, Consciousness and Cognition at the University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa has studied brain function and consciousness for over 30 years says ‘ Many scientists including myself now recognize that the universe has an underlying field of intelligence – and once a person learns to ‘couple’ with this field through spiritual practices such as meditation, then over time the quality of functioning of the brain changes which gradually awakens our innate sixth sense.’

For some people, the subject of meditation still evokes memories of The Beatles during their hippie days in India, but today there are more than 1500 published research papers showing that regular meditation helps to slow heart rate, lower blood pressure, balance hormones, increases our ability to cope with stress, reduces depression and angry moods, increases creativity and intelligence, and, it also helps us to stay younger longer mentally and physically. And with regular practice, the left side of our brain which deals with logical thought – and the right side linked to intuition and inspiration, slowly become more synchronised which Travis terms ‘coherent’, which causes our senses of sight, touch, hearing, smell and so-on to become heightened which increases the likelihood that a person will become more psychic or highly intuitive.

And how, you might wonder, can this intuitive sixth sense help you in your everyday life?
Lingerie and swimwear entrepreneur Caprice Bourret credits regular meditation with turning her life around and growing her business saying ‘If anyone had told me ten years ago that sitting quietly for 20-30 minutes a day would change my personality and the course of my life, I would have said they were crazy. Yet it has.’

Eight years ago, when an intense relationship ended, Caprice was at an all time low emotionally and physically. Recalling those days she says ‘ I wasn’t sleeping well and became incredibly stressed which made me agitated and on edge a lot of the time. I could be very demanding as I was also at a crossroads in my professional life as I knew that my modelling career would not go on indefinitely’.

During a stay at a health farm, the doctors suggested meditation ‘It sounded somewhat off the wall,’ she recalls ‘ but I decided to give it a try. The therapist explained that I simply had to sit quietly in a comfortable upright chair, close my eyes and allow my thoughts to come and go and that eventually my mind would become very still. It took a while, but within a few weeks I noticed that amazing co-incidences kept popping into my life. The right people would just show up at the right time. My feelings of stress dissipated and I became more positive and could think more clearly. Then one day the concept of making and marketing my own underwear and swimwear suddenly popped into my head. I was amazed that I had not thought of this before, yet I had been so focused on my previous goal of becoming an actress that I simply hadn’t allowed a space between my endless thoughts for new ideas to come.’

Richard Lawrence author of Unlock Your Psychic Powers, who has been teaching meditation techniques for over 20 years says ‘When you tune into what scientists term the underlying field of intelligence, which I call a sea of consciousness, it’s amazing how many psychic or intuitive experiences ordinary people from all walks of life have all the time. We have witnessed dozens of instances of people picking up specific information which was later verified by others that has helped them in everyday life. I have also heard from mothers who intuitively knew that their child or a relative was sick and was able to help them.’

Might developing our sixth sense mean we could also tune in and preview the next winning lottery numbers?

‘It doesn’t work that way’ says Lawrence ‘Of course you can receive specific information – but it’s usually inspiration or guidance that helps your life flow more effortlessly. At first results can be a bit hit and miss, but over time, you learn to discern which thoughts are emanating from your everyday mind from those that are coming from your intuitive inner voice. But if we can simply align with this sea of consciousness without thinking ‘What’s in it for me,’ then the results can be even more amazing.’

Perhaps all bankers and politicians should learn to meditate……

Physicists like Stephen Hawking have long known that our ‘see-touch’ world is not the only reality. Although we cannot ‘see’ frequencies which carry huge amounts of information into our TV sets for instance, or radio waves which travel faster than the speed of light – 186,000 miles a second – we know they are real. Yet the visible matter we see around us, including other planets, galaxies and stars only make up around 4% of our physical universe. So 96% of our physical universe is invisible matter hidden within what people tend to think of as empty space. And within this so called ‘empty space ‘Professor William A. Tiller, a physicist who has spent over 40 years researching consciousness and matter, mostly at Stanford University in America has detected a previously unknown information channel, which he terms the magnetic information wave level – which we can ‘couple’ with during practices like meditation, that does indeed offer us access to huge amounts of energy and information stored in ‘empty space’. His work, fully explained in my book, offers good research as to how telepathy and distant healing work and has also verified that physical events like bending metal objects can indeed be triggered solely by human intention.

‘In fact’ says Tiller ‘ Once we all learn to ‘couple’ with other realties as highly evolved spiritual teachers and monks have been doing for thousands of years in the East, then bending a bracelet or even turning water to wine could one day become like child’s play.’

Although this emerging science is controversial in some quarters, consider the case of Dr Ignaz Semmelweis who in 1861 demonstrated that when surgeons went from performing autopsies to delivering babies without washing their hands, many babies died. His fellow surgeons mocked him yet he had found the first evidence of what later became known as bacteria.

The sceptics may have a field day with this subject yet Caprice believes the emerging science is right ‘ All I know is that by sitting quietly and aligning with this underlying coherent field of intelligence, which is everywhere, my life has been transformed. Instead of trying to blame people when things go wrong, I look for solutions. I no longer worry about the small stuff and have become kinder to people. And as the atmosphere in my offices became less tense, because I was less tense, my colleagues have become more creative which has helped increase our productivity. Also, I’ve learnt to always carry a note pad and when ideas pop into my mind I make a note, as I have learnt to trust my sixth sense. People can be as cynical as they like, but the bottom line is that I feel happier and healthier and my business has grown from £350,000 a year to several million.’

Can’t be bad…

Countdown to Coherence, A spiritual Journey Towards a Scientific Theory of Everything, by Hazel Courteney ( Watkins Publishing) £10-99 from Amazon here