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Here are details of my three spiritual books and two health books.

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Divine Intervention – No.1 of the trilogy
Evidence For The Sixth Sense – No.2 of the trilogy
Countdown to Coherence – No.3 of the trilogy
500 of the Healthiest Recipes & Health Tips You’ll Ever Need
500 Of The Most Important Health Tips You’ll Ever Need
500 Of The Most Important Ways To Stay Younger Longer

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Discover who YOU really are,
What you are capable of,
Where we need to go,
and How to get there. 
Coherence denotes ‘everything coming together as one’ and scientists have demonstrated that if we all want to become more enlightened in every sense of the word, then it’s crucial that we learn to become more coherent at every level of being. This book explains how to start your unique Countdown to Coherence.

Professor Gary Schwartz from the University of Arizona says of my  book: 
 ”A serious attempt at offering good scientific ideas toward a Spiritual Theory of Everything.  Even the sceptics will be riveted by the possibilities”

Uri Geller says of this book 
”THE transformational book of our time” (www.urigeller.com)
After  two years of research and writing, this book was launched in the UK in Sept 2010 and is now available in the USA via Amazon.com and in all good bookshops worldwide. If you are a retailer and wish to stock this book, for wholesale queries please call Anna Randall at Duncan Baird Publishing on 0771 485 3503.

The blockbuster film Avatar, which I thought was fantastic, has done a great job of increasing interest in spiritual subjects and has really fired people’s imagination….Yet, many people remain unaware that ongoing scientific research and theories are now in place to help explain myriad phenomenon – paranormal and otherwise.

This book was set in motion thanks to an encounter I had with a mysterious stranger in April 2008 – who set me off on yet another journey of discovery. I have travelled many miles and met numerous distinguished yet controversial thinkers and scientists who have shared their cutting edge verified research and theories on a vast range of subjects.  It also includes huge amounts of fascinating facts –  all in a language that anyone can understand.

Not only can you discover what happens after physical death; but also read science based evidence as to the possible ‘forms’ that consciousness takes after death.  Additionally find out what several scientists believe happened before the Big Bang and why a ‘Quantum leap’ is anything but……

My book also reveals the science based ‘G spot’ for true enlightenment – and many of you will be surprised to know that it’s not the pineal gland !   I have included some interesting insights as to how it may be possible to not only  travel in time, but also be  ‘re-incarnated’ at any period in time.

Controversially I also relate why some scientists believe that we are biological computers operating inside a pre-programmed ‘simulator,’ whilst others postulate that our universe is little more than a hologram –  and some have concluded that our consciousness is now on an ultimate journey ‘home’   –   to coherence.  There are plenty of thought provoking insights into time travel, multiple universes, spontaneous healing, reincarnation, how to manifest miracles  – as well as how it’s possible in scientific terms for objects to store information – which sensitive men and women can retrieve, hundreds or even thousands of years later.  Additionally, you will also learn how to test your levels of ‘coherence’ at every level and Cosmologist Dr Jude Currivan shares  fascinating facts as to why more and more people of all ages and denominations are experiencing psychic episodes and intense spiritual awakenings and why ‘miracles’ will shortly become more commonplace.

COUNTDOWN TO COHERENCE  is already on it’s second imprint in the UK, as it appeals to people of all ages and walks of life – as it leads us to a radical new understanding of who we really are, where we need to go – why –  how to get there, and how much more we are all capable of than we’ve ever previously imagined.

Cosmologist Dr Jude Currivan says:  “An easy to read and enormously relevant book, packed with authoritative information.”
This is a wonderful e-mail which I received from Dr Diane Humphreys in late October 2010 ref Countdown… more on Amazon’.

“I found COUNTDOWN  riveting – I couldn’t put it down.  When I realised that there was only a few pages left, with each page turned I felt increasingly disappointed as it meant the experience was coming to an end.  What I particularly liked was your down-to-earth approach.  As a retired academic I get slightly irritated at some people always looking for some deep meaning for absolutely everything that happens to you.  After all ‘shit happens’, and if you are like me its often because I have been careless, not because I am holding in some emotion from childhood!  Whatever creates what we call reality it is very real to those of us currently immersed in it.  (Thank goodness, as I wouldn’t be without my tea).

“There is such an enormous body or anecdotal evidence for all that you have talked about it was very frustrating that there appeared to be virtually no one from the mainstream scientific community even looking into anything vaguely ‘spiritual’.  It was very exciting to hear that there are some scientists prepared to look ‘outside the box’, and hear of their achievements.  I didn’t agree with what they all said, but there was certainly enough to get my blood racing.  So many concepts are above our current level of knowledge, but with people prepared to at least try to comprehend, it bodes well for the future.  After all, apples had been falling off trees quite successfully long before Newton defined gravity.  Just because we do not know the equations or mode of action for a certain phenomenon does not mean it does not occur.  I was so jealous of you meeting such incredible people – if you need anyone to carry your handbag in future I’m always available!!!!!!!

“Keep up the good work – can’t wait for the next book, Best wishes, Diane Humphreys B.Eng(Hons) PhD MIET.

“PS It is my pet hate the way the word ‘quantum’ is bandied about usually in completely inappropriate contexts.  Glad to see  you have corrected this misconception….”
If you recall, in 1998, I was an alternative health columnist with The Sunday Times, and underwent an incredible near death experience which triggered huge amounts of unusual phenomenon around me.   As a person who has seen ‘beyond the veil’ of our limited space/ time reality – I truly believe with my whole heart that we all have the potential to effect miracles.

I really hope that you enjoy my work and I would greatly appreciate your feedback when you have read it.

This book is available in UK and USA and worldwide from Amazon. You can pre-order this book via Amazon. Or, to order a  signed copy call the Nutri Centre Bookshop on

Tel: 020 7323 2382.
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Here are some of the comments for this book from Amazon:

Helen Cruikshank  – “What a well written informative book. Hazel has dug deep into scientific theories and research and written a very clever thought provoking book that I just couldn’t put down. The first couple of chapters are slow going but once through them the book grips you and you just can’t stop turning the pages to read what facinating mind blowing information Hazel has to share. This book can and should be read again and again, I have so many friends that I want to share it with. Thank you Hazel for letting us be part of your amazing journey.”

Jilly – “WOW. This is an incredible book. A must have for anyone who doubts the existence of a benign universe and the many mystical things that have been documented for centuries. I truly loved this book. It is so informative and readable. There are so many people that I want to read it.”

Debby Flavell – “science meets spirituality at last. This is an amazing book! Hazel is a truth seeker. She has dedicated her life to proving via the medium of science what so many people, including the ancient yogis, have always known. However this book pushes the boundaries to mind boggling limits. I defy anyone to read Countdown to Coherence and not be over whelmed, staggered and totally in awe. Be prepared to have some buttons pushed. Tighten your mental seat belt, it’s a wild ride.”

Mary – “This book has left me with an awed sense of an incredible adventure and an amazing exploration.. But, more than anything else, I feel like ET – I want to go home! All the contributors that Hazel Courteney encounters demonstrate powerfully that ‘God is a verb, non a noun’ – it is a dynamic, powerful journey. In asking the questions that we, the readers, would want to ask, Hazel Courteney makes this a personal quest for all of us, an opportunity to wake up.”

Jan Lee – “I love it.. it’s so informative and written in such an interesting, page turning way.. I loved the stuff on the temples in Italy. Would love to see those one day. Hazel has made a great attempt at bringing the science and the mystery together with much clarity. I really enjoyed reading it and will read it again. Fascinating stuff.”

Cheryl –  “Hazel Courteney gives us a literary fireworks display to illuminate the darkest corners of the mind, sparking the desire to explore and go beyond the limitatons of what we perceive our lives and thoughts and world to be.Laced with humour and coherent writing,Hazel translates mind blowing scientific theories,into a language which is easy to digest, making this book a comprehensive and fascinating read.”