Norovirus – Self Help

This virus is highly contagious and causes severe vomiting and diarrhoea.  It is spread  by children and adults who  don’t practice good hygiene after going to the loo.   When you visit the loo, wash your hands really well in clean,  warm water with an anti bacterial soap.  This is especially crucial for anyone who works with food, in healthcare or with the public in any capacity.

If you buy food, note whether the premises and staff look clean – if in doubt go somewhere else for your meal.

If you are nursing  someone who is vomiting,  wear a mask and sterile gloves available from all chemists. Make sure any receptacles are thoroughly washed and disinfected. Wash any dirty towels or bed linen immediately in the hottest wash available.  Wipe surfaces close to the patient with antiseptic wipes. Ideally keep everyone away from a sufferer for 48 hours after symptoms subside. Keep the person hydrated and if they cannot even  keep fluids down, please call  a  doctor.

People with blood Group O have been found to be at the greatest risk….   Thankfully I’m type A !

As a preventative, you can also take Colloidal Silver to help kill  bugs in your system…. I found it worked for me in India helping  to avoid contracting  gastroenteritis, so  presume it should also help protect against the Norovirus. Definitely worth a try.   Available from all health shops and most chemists.   Only use the silver for 10 days at a time, then take a break for a week and then use the drops for another week.  Don’t use it  continuously as the silver can  accumulate in the body.

You can also  take regular courses of Pro Biotics, which are healthy bacteria that boost your gut flora and help protect against invading bacteria. Boots now make a Pre and Pro Biotic Formula that you can take once daily.