At Parliament with Patrick Holford and Chris Whitehouse

Hazel_Courtney_Patrick_HolfordIf you are interested in retaining your right to buy higher dose vitamins such as a One Gram dose of vitamin C… PLEASE watch this blog filmed at a reception at the House of Commons in late October at a meeting for Consumers for Health Choice. I apologise for the background noise in the film, but we only had a few minutes to do the interviews before the speeches from various MP’s and ministers were due to begin.  The first part of this VT contains  an interview with my old friend Patrick Holford, one of the UK’s leading nutritionists talking about how taking the right B vitamins (in the right doses) can HUGELY help reduce your chances of developing Dementia in later life.
Patrick’s website is

In Part 2, I’m chatting with  Chris Whitehouse from CHC who explains how VITAL it is to our health to retain our right to have access to higher dose nutrients which the EU are keen to ban. For more information log onto; for many ways in which you can help with this important fight. Please support CHC if you can.