POMEGRANATES- Health Benefits of this Superfood.

Hazel Courteney

I have long written about the myriad health benefits of pomegranates – as the seeds and juice of this fruit have demonstrated in numerous published trials the ability to disrupt formation of plaque in the arteries. Trials in America found that when patients drank the juice daily for a year, atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) was reduced by as much as 25%. The most potent form in supplement form includes pomegranate whole fruit, flower and seed extracts. A/v from the Life Extension Foundation in America via www.lef.org for details.

Researchers in Spain led by Dr Sergio Streitenberger found in 2011 that people who use pure pomegranate regularly suffer less age related cell damage as the whole fruit helps protect our DNA.

Pomegranate seeds are easy to source from most major supermarkets and I add them to my breakfast fruit and nut whiz daily. They can be sprinkled into fruit salads and are fabulous added to any salad.    Otherwise drink low sugar pomegranate juice daily as an all round healthy tonic.  If it’s a highly concentrated juice, then always dilute this juice which is can be high in added sugars. Check labels !