Protein Powders including Whey

For years I have taken good quality protein powders everyday in my breakfast whiz and these types of powders offer an easily absorbable form of protein.If you are severely sensitive to cows milk and products there are many organic alternative formulas made from hempseeds, pea, rice or soya protein.  However some people who are intolerent to cows milk can usually digest whey protein, it’s a process of trial and error.

How Whey Protein is Made

After fresh milk is pasteurized, the curd or casein are some of the fats are separated out to make cheese. The liquid that remains is then put through a series of filters which removes the lactose. What’s left is pure whey protein. An egg for instance has a protein value of 100 but whey has a protein value of 110 to 150. It’s a very pure protein. Its super food for cancer patients as its rich in amino acids such as Glutathione- which supports the liver.

Chemotherpy depletes Glutathione. Whey is also rich in Lactoferrin a substance found in breast milk- which helps form a babies immune system – so lactoferrin is not only good for your immune system its anti cancerous. Whey is also rich in another amino acid called Glutamine which helps to heal the gut. Chemotherapy depletes the body of glutamine, which tends to show up in mouth ulcers and diarrohoea. It helps reduce the negative effects of radiation. Anyone with say Crohn’s Disease or inflammatory bowel disease is lacking in Glutamine – which you can also find in cabbage juice…. Glutamine is vital as your age as it helps you to retain muscle. It also aids healing in burns patients and reduces cravings for sweet foods.

Good quality whey or other protein powders are great nutrition for anyone under severe stress- as when you are stressed the body needs more protein, and you tend to absorb less nutrients when stressed. Its great for your skin too. I use a tablespoon every day in a breakfast whiz, with half a cup of blueberries, a dessert spoon of pomegrate seeds, a teaspoon of any organic green food powder, some chopped papaya, a chopped organic apple, organic rice milk, sunflower seeds, linseeds – and a protein powder. This type of whiz made with any fruits that you happen to have to hand is a very healthy way to start the day.