Hazel Courteney Promo 1Hazel Courteney is an award-winning, respected health and metaphysical writer, journalist, and speaker based in the UK. In 1997 she was voted Health Journalist of the Year for her columns in
The Sunday Times and The Daily Mail. She has written four health books and three cookery books.



Stephen Langley MSc, ND, DipHom, DBM, DipAc, DCH, OMD is a registered naturopath, homeopath, acupuncturist, doctor of Chinese medicine, and medical herbalist with over 25 years of clinical experience. He lectures and teaches naturopathic medicine at the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) in London, Bristol, Manchester, Dublin, and Galway. Stephen has studied holistic medicine in China, India, the US,  Australia, Tibet, and Japan. He has a health practice in London.

Hazel Courteney

Award-winning journalist Hazel Courteney and

 naturopath Stephen Langley combine nutritious recipes

with cutting-edge health and food tips to help you

take control of your own wellbeing
• Eating a healthy and balanced diet is made easy – choose from 200 delicious recipes
• Packed with sound advice and essential information based on the latest scientific studies – get to know which foods make your best medicine
• Discover why and how specific foods can help heal up to 85% of health problems. Find out the best foods to nourish your brain, heart, kidneys, immune system, eyes, skin, hair, nails, bones, and much more…
• Reliable health information that you can trust
Did you know…?

Ginger is a natural painkiller

Garlic is a powerful antioxidant and natural antibiotic

Scallops are one of the best heart-healthy foods

Coconut oil helps boost immune function and aids weight loss

Chicken, turkey, walnuts, and tomatoes are all great brain-boosting foods!

Hazel Courteney


When you look in the mirror, you are to a large degree looking at what you have eaten during the past year. As well as light, water, and air, our bodies are mainly made of what we swallow—the nutrients we absorb from our diet. Yet the majority of the “stuff ” we eat is not technically food at all, which is contributing to many of the major health conditions we face today. Most nutritional scientists and doctors now agree that as much as 85% of our health problems could be prevented or cured—simply by changing our diet.

This cutting-edge guide to good eating contains 500 recipes and tips to help keep you healthier and younger for longer. In an easy-to-read format you will discover tips and recipes that target a particular area—from immunity-boosting foods, anti-allergy foods, and anti-cancer foods to foods that are good for the heart, circulatory, and digestive systems—as well as brain foods and sections that focus on health problems particular to men and women.

We also show you how it is possible to look and feel better day-to-day by eating a healthier diet. There are recipes that will keep your skin, hair, and nails in better condition and you can learn the secrets of feeling more positive, more energetic, and less stressed by eating the right foods.

With 500 of the Healthiest Recipes and  Health Tips You’ll Ever Need , you will become more informed about your health and wellbeing and discover the joy of cooking food that you know is good for you and your family.


Hazel Courteney