Why Veggie is healthier – The China Study


Hazel_CourteneyHi Everyone, Hazel here reporting from  the mountains of Franschhoek north of Cape Town in South Africa. I hope you will forgive my amateur filming, as I am somewhat ‘blacked out’, but there is a beautiful view of the mountains and you can hear me, so it’s OK !!! I am chatting about the amazing book The China Study by Doctor and scientist Dr Colin Campbell who spent over 2 decades studying the eating habits of people from all walks  of life in over 65 countries and has definitively shown that the people who tend to develop the most illnesses in later life are those that eat the most animal protein.

It’s no wonder that every enlightened person I have ever met is a vegan and many Hollywood Stars and ordinary people are now waking up to the benefits of eliminating most animal based foods. Since reading this book I am eating lots more plant based mung, soy, black eyed beans etc plus extra vegetables. I’m not yet Vegan, but I’m heading that way.. Dr Campbell also,  like many other doctors warns of the dangers of eating Gluten…. I’ll be covering Gluten in my April/May Newsletter.  And if you buy a copy of the March/April Kindred Spirit Magazine, I have written a feature on the Enlightened Avatar Swami Vishwananda on the Science of Miracles and how He was BORN KNOWING.

Kindred Spirit - Hazel Courteney

Enjoy the VT, be back soon.

Hazel Courteney