Correcting Media Misinformation on Taking Vitamins and More


Hazel CourteneyHi Everyone.  My latest blog deals with some shocking misinformation that recently appeared in the mainstream press about the ‘dangers’ of taking various supplements. I have done my best to set the record straight.

I am also talking about why thin people (as well as Obese ones) can contract Late Onset Diabetes, which now affects over 3 million people in the UK alone and an estimated 850,000 who have the condition, but don’t yet know it .

This is a ticking time bomb which can be helped by eating more right foods and changing our lifestyle. Click here to go straight to my Jan – March 2014 Living Better News which also explains why ingesting too many Omega 6 fats can trigger inflammation, why LDL cholesterol is not the ‘bad guy’ that it’s long been proclaimed to be… and discover why Mung Beans are a fantastic superfood.

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